Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is there a place called Heaven?

Is there a place called heaven?
The place of the good and the saints,
Where people float around
In halos and flowing spotless robes?

A kingdom where artificial light
Is unnecessary,
Where telephone connections
Are a joke?

A place where cable TV
Is really a huge window
Into the the world we live in,
With you and me playing the lead
On reality shows?

A place where souls rest in peace
And float about on clouds…
Or are there any clouds in heaven?

And what of hell then?

Are there people living
Amongst fire and hot coal?
Churning and burning
In the heat of the
Damned place…

Or is it a long lasting party there?
Dressed in the red and black theme
With horns as accessories,
And a drink in one hand?

And is there an in-between?
Filled with people
Whose souls are forever forgotten
Suffering the worst punishment prescribed…

These are questions
Asked several times
In a lifetime
And seldom answered.

And when that lifetime is over
Your bell has rung
Your questions are answered.
At a time when the answers will seem
Absolutely meaningless.