Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Adventures!

I've been so bad with blogging and writing lately, that you'll wonder why I'm saying what I'm saying next :P But there are some super exciting life updates.

-I'm quitting my job!
-I'm taking a 4 month break (ah, the idea of not waking up to do the same damn thing and seeing the same people everyday)
-I'm going to NYC (whooooooooooo hooooooooooooo)
-I'm...wait for it....WRITING A BOOK (yeah, the top item on my Before-I-Die list is happening right now!)

Now you must wonder how the hell I'm going to write a whole book when I can't keep up with even the blogging. Although there is no excuse, let me just give you a few facts about what's going on (more updates!):

1. LOL (Love Of Life) is taking a sabbatical with me! And so we've been busy making plans for the next four months. This is the first time we've made a 'Couple Decision'... I know we live together and some people treat us like we're already married, but we still have 'Firsts' as a couple (how awesome is that after three years of being together!). What I mean is... Although we've made some fairly big decisions together before (moving in together, what kind of furniture to buy etc), they haven't been this big and this detrimental to either of our futures, in terms of the impact it would have. We actually sat down and calculated our finances together (this is HUGE for me- I haven't ever talked money with any other person like this) and budgeted for the plans we have for the next four months and in his case, almost a year and a half...which brings me to the most exciting part... Our Plans.

LOL is planning to do an MBA (yeah, so cliche, I know; but I'm compelled to love him anyway!). So his plan is to take time off and study for the GMAT. Once done with the exam and writing at least a part of his applications, he plans to spend the next three weeks with me in New York! YAY! This is his first time to the US (oh, and his VISA came through thanks to the realllly nice VISA interviewer he luckily had), so imagine spending maximum part of that time in NYC! Wooooo! I'm very, very excited about this. 

He then comes back and goes on a one month mountaineering course that certifies him to be a professional mountaineer ('My boyfriend? He's a professional mountaineer'- how cool does that sound!). He's back home after that and I'll be back around the same time too... for....? That brings me to the next part of my 'why-I've-been-busy' story.

2. Remember my best friend, soul sister, and ex-roomie Moo? Well, she's getting MARRIED! I was dying to blog about this in my earlier Happy Times post, but it was totally hush and I couldn't talk about it until she was sure she's going to get engaged.

Hers is a unique and beautiful whirlwind romance. It all started a little before our MegaEurotrip in June. She started half-heartedly emailing him saying she's a little tired of being set up by her parents and she's not sure if she'll ever find her The One. I, on the other hand, was convinced from his very first email that they would be on FIRE! He's a super happy person and she's a big load of sunshine and they have similar ideas about life and all that- what's not to love about each other? 

They fell in love before they even met (he's American and lives on the west coast) and they fell in love so damn quickly, they didn't even know what hit them. And of course, when they did meet, in Bangkok (yeah, one night in Bangkok!), the sparks flew, the earth stopped moving, their hearts skipped beats and all that, and by the end of the week, he proposed and she was calling me screaming, 'I'm engaaaaaaggggged'.

So on that front, the wedding is here in November and it's going to be the biggest party ever and I will scream and dance, and cry- out of happiness that my best friend in the whole world will finally be with her prince and out of sadness, because our 5 year inseparable stint would have come to an end. She's moving with him to the States and I will miss her madly.

3. My other best friend, D's romance is also going very, very well and I'm pretty sure she'll be announcing her engagement early next year too (fingers crossed). I love the way this guy makes her feel and I'm hoping it all works out :) (I've realised I have great instinct for this kind of thing- fell free to get in touch if you want Love Advice :P )

So, as you can see from all the updates above, there are two things that starkly stand out- 

a. I'm a BIG sucker for romance
b. I'm a BIG sucker for best friends

Does that tell you anything yet? Hell yeah! My book is about both of the above :)

Much more very soon!

PS: I will write about the awesome MegaEurotip- I started writing a draft, but it got a wee bit carried away and it's become a short story now! So in due time, (read as when I have a one minute breather from my crazy life to shorten it), I will blog about the Marvelous Adventures of A Moo and Geebani (more on those names later!).