Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another Me, Another You.

Will you ever find another me if I ever leave you?
Will I ever find another you?

They say there are several Mes in the
Seven billion of us,
With our world full of differences.

Different Yous, and different Mes.
Maybe there are two of us each,
Or maybe four?

Will I bump into you in Hungary,
In Budapest,
On Sale Day, looking for a carved wooden table,
That we both put our hands on at the same time?

Maybe I’ll bump into you in New York,
In a jazz bar because we both like
The song, not the place.

Or perhaps I’ll see you on the Internet.
On a dating website,
While I’m still with you,

While you’re still sleeping in our bed,
Your hands on the book I’m reading,
Your book lying next to me while I look for another you,
In a parallel universe.

Will we be happier with each other’s
Other Me and You?

Will you be happier if you had me without me.