Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sixteen things I love about New York.

Sixteen things I love about New York in the sixteen days I've been here:

1. The subway.
2. The tall, tall buildings- it always reminds you that there are things out there that are, and always will be, way bigger than you.
3. The old man who was getting out of the subway who swiped his metro card for me because I was having trouble with mine.
4. The Russian shopkeeper of a seconds store who pronounced my name wierdly (in a nice way) and on learning that I was Indian, broke into song- 'Mera joota hai Japani, ye patloon englishtani, sar pe la topi roosi, phir bhi dil hai hindustani"!
5. The fact that I can sit on a bench in front of the NASDAQ building in Times Square at 3am, in shorts and a tee shirt, and discuss boys and giggle about romance with an old school friend.
6. The amazing clothes that people wear in this city; especially people with the weirdest clothes- people-gazing at it's best!
7. The fact that all dogs are super friendly to each other (I love walking my friends retriever to the dog run!)
8. The cafes.
9. The road-corner kebab thelas.
10. Getting lost in the city!
11. Sitting in central park in rainy and freezing 9 degree weather and watching Bocelli and Tony Bennett sing Sinatra's New York, New York (for free!).
12. The fact that almost everyone I've met is SUPER friendly and for some lovely, strange reason they're all super eager to show me this fabulous city.
13. The fact that I feel safe no matter where I am and what I'm wearing.
14. The fact that very cute guys (imagine Sawyer from Lost) across subway platforms randomly flash me their handsome smiles, wave at me and make me blush.
15. The amazing music scene in this city.
16. The artists in this city- the musicians, the writers, the story tellers, the painters, sculptors, actors- it inspires you so much! 

One of my favourite descriptions of NY so far, "New York is like a famous king. And all kinds of people come to his amazing court- entertainers, artists, bankers, lovers, dreamers, actors...etc. And they put their best foot forward and show the king what they can do best. If the king likes it, he asks the person to stay and show him more. If he doesn't like it, you will have to leave, but you'll surely be back next year, to try to make it in New York's court once again!"

I can't wait to discover more of this amazing city :) 

PS: Attaching a funny picture I found that tells you 16 ways to NOT love NY!

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