Thursday, January 3, 2013

I think I remember you

Weren't you the one 
With the short hair,
The brown eyes,
And a tiny mark on your eyebrow,
That shape of moon-crop, 
The shape of a memory
That was a scar.

Weren't you that same one 
Who wondered why the sky was so blue,
That you made us stare and stare
Till our eyes turned big
Just as turquoise flashes
Left us bat blind.

Or were you that one
With the smile that was aspirin
For my aching head
A quiet shoulder,
For the calmest nap
With a kiss that was bright
Like sunshine on my forehead.

Or wait, were you the one
Who read a tale of two cities out loud,
Although you hated the book
But loved the sound of your reading voice
So much so that you wondered 
If entire nations and diplomats and big men 
In fat suits would pay money to hear you read. 

Or was that you
The one that liked to pick fights
For my vanity, my modesty
Oh so pure, oh so yours,
You'd constantly throw 
Black and purple bruises 
At every pervert, 
Even the imaginary.

Weren't you the one
That sent pink kisses
And hot light 
Up and down my body
Every time you touched me 
So smooth and dangerous
It made me shiver and wish sweet pain 
Would hurt less.

Weren't you that very same one
That loved me so much 
It hurt
To break my heart
And your own
But you had to, 
Because the leaves were colouring
The wind was changing
And we had to go go go.

You are so many people
So many memories
I don't forget
I can't dismiss
Because you made me
And filled my soul
So when I die 
I die so many deaths
They'll have to call out too many names
And wipe too many tears.

Yes I think I remember you.
I never forgot you.
I remember and I want 
I dream and I wonder
Because you linger
In just that corner of my mind
That makes me smile.