Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So apparently, lately I have not had any time. For anything in my life. Much less a blog. I don’t write in any of these anymore either- my travel journal, my dearest diary, and my poor chottu moleskin that is still waiting for me to jot down my first writing idea.

But now that I’ve sprained my back and rendered myself uselessly lying in bed, I might as well do this—
Main purpose for creating a blog- documentation of sorts. Maybe I’ll see it when I’m 90 (if I’m ever 90), maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll ask my grandchildren to see it to see what growing up for us was like (and see how cool Grandma is), maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll collect bits and parts and publish it, maybe I won’t…
But here goes- If you’re reading this, like really reading it- Welcome to my Blog =)

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