Wednesday, May 7, 2008


This has GOT to be my first blog post because (apart from the obvious comedy factor) this really sheds light on our mad, crazy country. Modern India never ceases surprising me… On one hand, we’ve got 60%+ of the country’s population being farmers/agriculturists/villagers, too little electricity for 1.2 billion, cows and dogs on every road like they belong there, and on the other hand, you have short skirts, parties till 4am, feminist bra burning types, awesome media/news etc, margaritas/tequila shots etc.

It’s short of a small miracle wonderland this India—and as is said, eet wonly appens yin Indiya =) Mera Bharat mahaan baby!

The following visual is for your consumption and enjoyment. Please go through it carefully and dig the details in the graphic too! It’s insane!

PS: I found it at the back of an Indian vegetarian recipe book. Yes, it’s true.


pallu said...
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pallu said...

Finally! I really liked both the posts. Keep posting!
Ps. I can't believe you put that ridiculous picture up...I thought the book was at home!