Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shards of glass.

The bile rises in my throat.

What has he done?
Why does my soul feel like
A loud clock, 
Ticking ominously in my ear?

Times freezes.

What is happening?
Why does it feel like
I'm standing still,
And my world is cracking up rapidly?

My hands are numb.

What should I say?
Why does it feel like
There are stones in my mouth,
Suffocating my speech and my breath?

A scream echoes in my head.

What is he saying?
Why does it feel like
My heart has exploded,
Into a million shards of sparkling glass flying around me?

Time unfreezes.

The music has stopped,
I haven't sung my part,
My cry still stuck in my throat,
Trying to remember how to sing without him.

And I don't where to,
But I just keep walking.

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Tina Pierce said...

This is interesting.