Wednesday, July 3, 2013

You and I.

o baby
aren't you tired 
of the games we play,
You and I?

don't call me now
because I don't want to do
that tom and jerry thing,
not with You and I.

we speak in riddles
we don't speak at all
why do we do this,
You and I?

then we say too much
and hide it with too little
two little freaks we are,
You and I.

some days are great
some days so crap
i want to hit someone when i think 
of You and I.

we want to be together
we want to be alone
but confused is all we have,
You and I.

we push each other away
we pull a lot faster
but can we make it work,
You and I?

we don't have a name
and we're both just the same
maybe we're worth talking about,
You and I.

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