Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Here I stand
I'm in the middle of a crossway
I think maybe it's just this once..
But I have a feeling I'll have one everyday

I know it won't always be hard
It might even be easy sometimes
I smile at the irony of the whole thing
When the familiar warning bell chimes

I've been here before
I've know what it's like
I know it's not fairytales and candy
This is real, this is Life

I want to go back in time
I want to be seven
I want my puppy, the old black and white telly,
Blue uniforms, lollypops, and dark chocolate heaven

I want the tooth fairy, the unicorns
I want my big old house, barnyard and cows
I want all my dreams back
What I don't want is Now

It felt like I was twelve when I was eight
Hell, maybe I was twenty when I was three
I molded into anything anyone wanted
When all I wanted was to be me.

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