Tuesday, October 19, 2010

(Wannabe) 18 till die.

Recently I've been thinking about getting older and here are the top two likes and dislikes about it:

(I'm starting with Dislikes because that's what I'm leaning towards with the topic)


1. You're getting older. There is not a whole lot to like about the concept. You're no longer in the media's 'young people' age bracket. Data collected from your demographic is no longer used to make Pepsi/ Levis ads; it is used to make ads for Real Estate/Cars/Diapers for your babies. 

As if that's not depressing enough, you have to start thinking about money and investments-- and the dreaded word- SAVINGS (tum dum DUMMMMM...).

With everything you do, you have to 'think about your future' and find the right husband/wife, have the beautiful wedding and the gorgeous babies and then...? Well, you basically gotta continue to keep thinking about the  future. And there is nothing appealing about this 'thinking about the future' thing. 

Besides that, there is slower metabolism, greying hair, lots of wrinkles...nothing that tempts you to get older any time soon.

2. As you get older, your parents get older. If you thought they were insane during your teen years, wait till you find out what it's like when THEY get older. They're the insanes' insane. It can go one of two ways: 

a. They will act like they are actually 18, which means your life is spent begging them to stop fussing, eat right- no sweets please!, cross the road carefully...etc. OR

b. They will act as if they are twice their age. For example. If they're 60, they'll act as if they're actually 120 and have been ready to kick the bucket for the last 2 decades. One will often hear them make over-dramatic statements like, Oh, you know I'm so old now, My life is over, Sigh, sigh, sigh (so much sighing)...
In both cases, it's not pretty.

But either ways, the worst thing is the reality of it all- They ARE getting older. They WILL get sicker and whether you like or not, they WILL have to move on one day.

And whether they're childlike or acting senile, we still want them around. Most of us never want to deal with not having our parents around. I mean, they're the MOM and DAD.

Just for this...it makes me want to stop time...

Anyway, moving on...



OK, I give up. There are None.


Orlando Attractions Florida said...

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Nadu said...
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Nadu said...

I think on the same lines that getting older=parents getting older too. Quite scary. But it's easier when you have folks who say "Old age home? Balls. We'll be on our yacht and you're not invited"!

Princewill Njong said...

I really hate to think about time passing, cuz each time I think about it, I realize just how old I'm without a job, and the type of life I dream for myself and the woman I'll marry and our children. On the flip side, my uncle has actually become more "sane" with old age, though there's always that talk of his life being over. Old age will never be a good idea to me; I'd not choose it if it were an option.