Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Ode to the Ex.

Remember Me?
The girl you played with?
Sometimes House
Sometimes Doctor-Doctor?

Remember Us?

That impulsive kiss
High up on that wooden branch
The day we climbed the Big Tree.

Remember Me?
You used to lie on my lap underneath a starry sky
Ask me questions about the world
That I didn't have the answers to.

Remember Us?
The way we grew up together
They way we left town for the big city
Three hundred rupees in our bags?

Remember Me?
I made my first omelette for you
Cut my finger 
Cried and wanted to go back home.

Remember Us?
You wiped my childish tears
And said we'd hold hands all our lives
And watch every sunset together.

Remember Me?
The tears on my face
Our painful embrace
When we realised it was over...

Remember Us?
Our dreams and your promises
Shattering into a thousand tiny fragments...
Halting as they fell.

Remember Me?
Now that you're walking past me
Across the road 
Not even glancing at me...

We were Us
Eleven years ago.
Remember Me?
Remember Us?


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