Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What is this place we call home?

In the last nine months I've had 5/6 homes. 

1. My original home (the one I was living in before my life took that 360 degree spin) 
2. My friend's home in New York 
3. My parents home in Bangalore
4. My in-between guest house in Bombay 
5. My best friend's house in Bombay 
6. My new house in Bombay.

They say home is where your heart is. 

But that's kind of confusing, isn't it? My heart is here today and somewhere else (and maybe even with someone else) any other day. It's a fickle fellow, that one.

Some people really like the idea of not having a 'home'. They love moving houses, cities, countries; never being in one place for more than a few months. They thrive on the difference in scene. They call it 'exploration'.

It seems more like running away to me. 

Because if I wanted a change of scene I'd take a vacation. For a month, or six.

Then I'd want to come back to my home, my bed, my people, my pets. Things I call my own and people that call me their own.

There's something about belonging that's addictive and endearing :)


Koockie said...

Maybe the people who move are not 'exploring' or 'running away'... maybe what they are looking for is a completely new experience by immersing themselves in a brand new city/country. Can't really get that from a vacation. :)

Too much too little said...

Yes and no :) On a vacation you get a completely different experience than if you lived there I suppose. I wish I had the resources to go live in Slovenia for a quarter or two. Interning or working at a youth hostel- doing something very pointless. If only I had that rich daddy. Ah well :)