Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It was a day
Like any other day.
It was spring
Wind blowing around me.
Music to my skin.

It was a café,
Like any other café.
You were a boy,
Like any other boy.
Then you smiled.

A rendezvous,
Just you and me.
Not touching you baby
Was not easy.
But I waited.

As the night danced by
We sparkled.
Like little puppets
Jumping up and twinkling in the spotlight.
Everything felt soft.
Comfortable, yet electric.

We were talking
And just like that
I was in your arms,
We were dancing.

One kiss
One sigh
Changed the night.

Into a mellow,
Slow high.
We were floating,
Suspended in time.

And I dint want the morning to come,
The sun to rise,
The city to wake me up from this dream.

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